Jiráskovo gymnázium Náchod

Náchod's Jirásek Grammar School

Náchod´s Jirásek Grammar School, a sort of high school with a history of over 100 years, associates eight and four-year branches of grammar school. The school´s curriculum is designated for only daily students. The school is authorized by The School Department of Hradec Králové Region.

The school´s capacity is a maximum of 720 pupils. They are divided into 24 classes. There are two parallel classes in each year of both of the branches.

The school´s curriculum is aimed at preparing graduates for their university studies. Around 90% of the school´s graduates have been admitted to university in the past few years. The curriculum is also focused on preparing pupils for some practical things in life and offering them a high quality of leisure time activities.

There are 36 classrooms in total in the school building. Out of these there are 14 specialist classrooms adapted to the particular subject taught there and 4 laboratories. In addition there is a gymnasium, a fitness centre, a mirror gym for practising art gymnastics and aerobics, some offices and a teaching staff´s room which is used as a multifunctional classroom at the same time in the school building annexe. There is also a great hall available and housing up to 200 people it can be used for classes and any other events. There is a school library with more than 7,000 books at the pupils´ disposal.

All the classrooms are expected to be equipped with modern furniture of different colours that is height adjustable. All the classrooms where eight-year-branch classes are based and some other classrooms have been equipped with it.

Corridors of the school building are wide and sunlit enough. They are used for moving around the school as well as having a rest and relaxing for they have been equipped with benches. Other means of relaxation have been put in other places of the school, too, e.g. table football pitches.

There are modern cloak-rooms in the school cellar increasing the pupils and students´ comfort. They are properly heated, air-conditioned and illuminated. Every pupil has a locker at their disposal and the pupils are responsible for their own one each for the whole of their school attendance. The pupils´ safety in the cloak-rooms is ensured with an electric anti-fire alarm.

The school does not provide any sorts of accommodation to the pupils and students and it does not even have its own dining hall. Lunch is provided to the pupils and students by Náchod Building School and College´s cafeteria. Some snacks and drink can be bought in the shop that is found on the ground floor of the building.

The entrance gate to the school is electronically guarded. Unfortunately, the school building is not barrierless.

Jirásek Grammar School´s teaching staff are balanced from the age point of view. There is a slight majority of women teachers. The staff are fully qualified for doing their jobs nevertheless from time to time there are temporary exceptions. There are 46 to 50 teachers conducting classes. English language classes are compulsory for every pupil and an English native speaker is available.As a second language either German or Spanish or French or Russian can be studied.

The Grammar School´s aims

The curriculum is generally aimed at:


  1. providing general knowledge education without overloading the pupils and students with useless information,
  2. supporting the pupils´ interest in further education,
  3. developing the pupils´ communicative and language skills,
  4. preparing the pupils for using information and communicative technologies,
  5. bringing the pupils up as culture-based readers, spectators, or even authors of works of art,
  6. bringing up the pupils to leading a healthy lifestyle,
  7. social up-bringing,
  8. bringing up the pupils to protecting the environment and culture heritage.

Why general knowledge education?

The school´s curriculum does not intend to be focused on the pupils´ premature specialization for these reasons:

  1. General knowledge education enables pupils to feel freer in making decisions about choosing:
    1.  -  a sort of university after graduating from high school,
    2.  -  a sort of college after graduating from high school,
    3.  -  a job.
  2. General knowledge education is the best basis for longlife education or any ways of further training in the future.

Scope of specialization

This is provided by a system of optional subjects. The pupils and students are exposed to absorbing further information provided by their teachers. In addition to this the pupils can also develop their skills in voluntary classes and groups of out-of-school activities held by the school.

Pavel Škoda
Jirásek Grammar School Headmaster

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